The Loop

Alexandria, VA

Nominated for NAIOP 2020 Adaptive Re‐Use Award of Excellence

Originally built as a grocery in 1898, the property was cobbled together from several structures with disparate uses over the years – a grocery, a stable and carriage house, a laundromat, and finally a soda factory. The building was added to, over the past 122 years creating a unique opportunity for a rehabilitation project.

This project provides multiple work environments throughout the day and serves as an anchor for “a village” of integrated spaces. Reserving and showcasing the property’s unique historical elements was a key goal. Salvaging much of the existing wood flooring and beams, Cochran’s Lumber reclaimed the salvaged wood, and those elements were then repurposed for the wood flooring, embellished ceilings, outdoor cabanas, phone booths,  and a piece of artwork at the building entry. Working closely with the construction team, they were able to reuse existing rough sawn joist members as new stair treading. The team believed this not only beautified the space but also kept the philosophy of the overall project, making a sustainable holistic environment a reality.